Disney Infinity: “I feel like I’m 12 again”


Anyone who knows what’s going on in the gaming world knows about these silly little action figures called “Skylanders”. It’s pretty much a money making scheme that makes parents buy bratty kids tons of plastic toys that correlate to a console videogame. You see, to use different characters in the Skylanders game you have to own the physical toy. I have to admit the concept is pretty cool and I also have to admit again that I actually own the game and some of the pieces… yeah… it was a bundle for a new Xbox 360 I had no choice… I mean it.. go ahead! Ask my brothers! They’ll tell you!

Crap Load of Toys = Crap Load of Money

Don’t judge me…

Anyways, I was surfing the net as I usually do and came upon a new game coming out called “Disney Infinity” and it takes this whole toy to video game collecting to a whole new level.

It’s a little hard to explain but the whole concept is that you have a Disney-themed video game hub. The game is connected to an external “real world” plastic pad where you place these collectible vinyl toys to have them pop on screen so you can control them. Sounds just like Skylanders doesn’t it? But here’s the kicker… the board is also used as the world…

You add “set” pieces which creates the world in your video game. Pretty neat, but that’s not all… They have created pieces that will act as items in the video game world as well as boosters to give your characters skins and abilities. And on top of all that! Your character can level up which saves into the actual real life figure. Talk about bringing the skylanders concept to the next level.

Now, I was a little hesitant about the concept just because it seemed so hokey, but after viewing some videos and learning more about I got very excited. Think about all the possibilites of the Disney franchise; Tron, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Muppets, Marvel Comics, Pixar… and dare I say… Star Wars. Imagine being able to mish mosh all the things you loved as a kid into one virtual world where you can share and play with you friends. It sounds very ambitious and makes me giddy like a 12 year old boy.

Do yourself a favor and check the trailer here:

The official website here: Disney Infinity

And for more information check out an awesome article I read on IGN: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/01/28/a-closer-look-at-disney-infinity

What do you guys think? Just another money making scheme from Disney? Or do you guys think this is the right step in utilizing console gaming for other forms of entertainment?


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